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BlueX Microelectronics Corp. Ltd is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets ultra-low power wireless systems-on-chip and analog semiconductors for IoT and wearable applications. Power consumption and cost are the main focus areas of our company. Typical end-user applications are IoT, wearable devices, consumer electronics, intelligent sports equipment, wireless medical, remote control, security and toys.
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Our Products

BlueX's BLE product BX2400 is a System-on-Chip combining an application processor, memories, cryptography engine, power management unit, digital and analog peripherals and a MAC engine complied with Bluetooth® 5.0 and radio transceiver, with ultra low power consumption. BlueX's ultra-low power analog chip BX300 is a 100nA Watch Dog IC suited for wearable and low power IoT wireless solution.
TEL: 0551-65543303 FAX: 0551-65543303 MAIL: info@bluexmicro.com ADDRESS: Phase II Building F1, Suite 2107 ,No. 800 Wangjiang Rd., Hefei ,Anhui ,P.R. China
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